Our Mission | Our Values

Our skills allow to provide a wide range of legal assistance, judicial and extrajudicial, personalized, timely and efficient for the prevention and solution of legal issues at a national and international level, supported by the knowledge of the languages most commonly spoken in the business community (English, Italian, Spanish, Arabic).

The primary goal of our law firm is to establish and strengthen the cooperation between operators inthe European Union market and extra European markets, in order to create innovative and sophisticated legal and cultural synergies.

Aware of the complexity and potential conflicts of operating in several markets, the professionals at OS Law come from different backgrounds, and some of them are licensed to practice in more than one jurisdiction, including the Russian Federation, Middle East and the United States.

Mission Who we are

Our Aim

OS Law philosophy is to help clients to achieve high levels of performance in their market of interest with the best cost-effectiveness strategy, through the quality of services offered.

At the core of OS Law there is the certainty that best results come from the offering of a multidisciplinary approach, constant research and update of professionals and investments in technology.

We believe that specialization is the only way to bring added value and deliver quality services and each professional is specialized in his field. On these basis can offer a winning strategy for each case.


We act as strategic partners in the development of effective solutions. We build with each client a value over time, setting a lasting professional relationship based on core values of mutual trust and professionalism.

Services & Solutions

Our activity starts with the advice, given professionally and in compliance with the code of ethics. To advise for us means to achieve substantial results through the best management techniques, with pragmatic approach aimed at finding feasible practical solutions. We accept tasks we feel we can bring to a successful conclusion, taking care of the communication with the client during and after the consultancy. We guarantee the utmost confidentiality of all information we learn for professional reasons.

Each operation is defined in detail, in agreement with the client, by writing the specifications of the requested service. Before operating, OS Law initially submits an estimate of the fees and costs for the intervention and only once the client accepts such estimate a full advice will be provided.

In accordance with the principles of transparency and fairness, OS Law constantly communicates with the client, to gather the necessary information in order to find together the best solution.

We believe, in fact, that the best method to meet the real needs of our clients is realized though his active participation in every phase of the project.