Italian and International Tax law

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Enhancing fiscal compliance in Italy

We provide to our clients full assistance on tax issues, on  italian and international basis.

We also give support in dealing with Italian Tax Authority, acting in case of need on behalf of tax payers before Tax Courts (Regional Courts and Higher Courts): in that case we provide assistance in Italian tax disputes, from the announcement of a tax audit by the Italian tax authorities to litigation in the Italian court “Commissione Tributaria.”

We also provide a tax planning, in order to identify the most effective and adequate solutions for both individuals and companies.

We specifically deal with Italian tax law, helping individuals and businesses apply Double Tax Treaties and EU regulations, applying VAT to domestic and/or cross-border business operations and sales transactions.

For international businesses setting up their branches in Italy, it is essential to comprehend Italian domestic tax legislation, EU laws, and all the potential reliefs.

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Our English-speaking italian Tax Lawyers provide comprehensive, individualized support to foreign businesses operating in Italy by handling all tax concerns, including those involving double taxation.

This is done to ensure that the business complies with local, EU, and international tax laws.

We are focused in providing services to small and medium-sized foreign companies doing business in Italy.

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