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OS Law: Your English Speaking Italian Sport Lawyers

Welcome to OS Law, a distinguished legal firm specializing in sports law.

We focus on assisting professional athletes, sports clubs, and agents, making us the preferred choice for English-speaking professionals in the sports industry, especially those working or intending to work in Italy.

Our expertise covers a wide range of legal services tailored to meet the unique needs of the sports sector:

– drafting and negotiation of all commercial agreements concerning sport law;

sponsorships and licenses;

tax law;

– civil offences and Litigation.

Comprehensive Legal Services

At OS Law, we provide expert legal assistance in drafting and negotiating all types of commercial agreements related to sports law. Our goal is to ensure that your interests are protected, and you get the best possible terms in your contracts.

We excel in managing sponsorship deals and licenses, helping athletes and clubs maximize their commercial potential while ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations. Navigating the complex tax landscape can be challenging, especially for foreign athletes and sports professionals.

Our specialized tax advice and services help you manage your finances effectively and in compliance with Italian law. Additionally, we represent our clients in a range of civil offenses and litigation matters, guiding you through the legal process, whether you need defense or are pursuing a claim.

Expertise in Football and Motorsport

A distinctive aspect of OS Law is our significant expertise in providing legal assistance to sports clubs, agents, and professional athletes, particularly in football and motorsport.

We understand the specific needs and challenges faced by professionals in these sports and offer tailored solutions to meet those needs.

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Key Legal Issues for Professional Footballers

Participation in Matches and Training

One of the critical legal issues professional footballers face is exclusion from matches and training sessions. This often arises when there is a conflict between the player’s wishes and the club’s decisions. For instance, Goran Pandev’s case against Lazio highlighted the legal implications of unjust exclusion from team activities. Pandev successfully argued that his exclusion was without just cause, resulting in the dissolution of his contract and compensation for damages.

Disputes regarding a player’s medical condition can also significantly impact their ability to participate in matches and training. Mauro Icardi’s conflict with Inter Milan involved disagreements over his knee injury, where the club’s medical assessment did not align with the player’s claims. Such disputes underscore the need for clear medical protocols and transparent communication between players and clubs.

Obligations During Training Camps and Retreats

Professional footballers are required to attend training camps and retreats as mandated by their clubs. This includes pre-season training and staying at designated accommodations before matches. Failure to comply without valid reasons can result in disciplinary actions, as seen in the case of Napoli’s team rebellion, where players faced significant repercussions for leaving a mandated retreat.

Contractual Rights and Termination

The majority of professional football contracts are fixed-term agreements, typically not exceeding five years. These contracts provide stability for both players and clubs while allowing for periodic reviews. The fixed-term nature of these contracts is a critical aspect of the player’s legal relationship with their club. The landmark Bosman ruling significantly altered the transfer system, granting players greater freedom to move at the end of their contracts without transfer fees. This ruling enhanced the contractual freedom and mobility of players within the European football market, making it a pivotal case in sports law.

Disciplinary Actions and Player Rights

Ensuring fair treatment and non-discrimination is crucial in managing the relationship between players and clubs. Legal disputes, such as those involving Mauro Icardi, highlight the importance of maintaining clear and fair disciplinary procedures. Clubs must balance their managerial discretion with the rights of players to fair treatment and participation.

Legal Protections and Obligations

The legal framework governing professional footballers in Italy encompasses various protections and obligations. This includes ensuring players’ rights to fair treatment, participation in training and matches, and protection against unjust exclusion. At the same time, players are obligated to adhere to club mandates, including training schedules and retreats, and maintain professional conduct.

Ensuring the health and safety of players is a primary obligation of clubs. This includes providing adequate medical care, safe training facilities, and a supportive environment. Disputes over medical conditions, such as the Icardi case, highlight the importance of clear medical protocols and player welfare. Players are required to maintain professional conduct and comply with club directives, including adhering to training schedules, attending matches, and participating in club activities. Failure to meet these obligations can result in disciplinary actions and impact the player’s career.

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Why Choose OS Law?

Our team consists of experts in sports law, with a track record of successful representations in high-profile cases.

We cater to English-speaking clients, making the legal process smoother and more comprehensible.

From contract negotiations to litigation, we offer a full spectrum of legal services tailored to the sports industry.

At OS Law, we are committed to providing top-notch legal services to professional athletes, sports clubs, and agents.

Whether you are already in Italy or planning to move here, we are your reliable partner in navigating the legal aspects of your sports career.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact us. We look forward to assisting you in achieving your professional goals in the world of sports.

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