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Wills and probate in Italy can be complex, with several key issues to be aware of.

One issue is the requirement of a formal, written will, which must be signed and witnessed in order to be valid. In addition, Italian law has strict rules regarding inheritance and distribution of assets, which can lead to disputes among heirs.

Another issue is the recognition of foreign wills in Italy, which can be a difficult process due to differences in legal systems and requirements. This can result in lengthy and costly legal battles in some cases.

Finally, there may also be challenges related to taxes and fees associated with probate in Italy. The country has a relatively high estate tax, which can have a significant impact on the distribution of assets.

Overall, it is important to consider these and other issues carefully when making a will or dealing with probate in Italy. Seeking a qualified attorney’s advice can help ensure that your wishes are honored and that your assets are distributed according to your wishes.

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have proven experience in:

1 – understanding Italian inheritance, probate, and succession rules (properties, bank accounts, etc.)
2 – resolving inheritance disputes for foreign clients in Italy
3 – assisting clients in locating and claiming assets in Italy

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Our most popular Italian Succession, Inheritance, and Estate Services

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OS Law gives the proper attention to this aspect, considering that inheritances, gifts, and trusts are of fundamental importance in a detailed plan for the succession, to prevent unpleasant disputes and to respect the person’s last will. This involves the special focus that OS Law pays to issues of succession in private international law when it comes to drafting a will in a foreign country or that presents international elements covered by international law.

OS Law will support the customer by carrying out expert advice on the activities of estate planning, suggesting the most efficient solutions for the client, also from a tax viewpoint, which includes the assessment of the possible use of legal instruments, like the institution of trusts typical for common law countries. In fact, this option has been used in recent times even in civil law jurisdictions.

Our Italian inheritance lawyers can support you remotely, without the client traveling to Italy.

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International Estate Planning

Advice on tax and legal matters about the current scenario and available options. Choose the best estate planning tools and a plan of action.

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Italian Will Search

Check to see if a decedent left an Italian will and obtain an official copy. We search records in the official Italian Will Register to find out if a will exists

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Italian Estate Solvency Check and Discovery

Search for real estate properties, titles, and records all throughout Italy, including Italian bank accounts and Italian estate assets.

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