Wine Law in Italy

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Favored by being located in an area characterized by the presence of wine producers of primary international standing (primarily Franciacorta and Lake Garda), the lawyers of OS Law Brescia have built a consolidated expertise in wine law, both in relation to national regulatory sources which with reference to European Community regulations and international sector treaties.

The lawyers of OS Law had the opportunity to deepen all the main legal aspects of wine law, starting from the regulation of vineyards and the controls and technical defense of wine operators, up to the specific profiles relating to geographical indications and labeling .

We support companies in defending products abroad, developing suitable strategies to protect labels, brands and designations of origin (DOCG – DOC) and typical geographical indication (IGT).

The lawyers of OS Law Brescia also deal with the drafting and revision of all the contracts typical of the wine sector, with specific reference to contracts aimed at regulating supply relationships and electronic commerce.

Purchasing an Italian Vineyard

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It is a wine lover’s paradise. having a vineyard in Italy and being able to sip on a few bottles of your own harvest while relaxing under a lush pergola on a nice summer night.

Italian wine is well-known around the world. From the north to the south, there are more than a million vines, and Italy’s diverse terrain yields a wide range of wines, from the sweet sparkling Moscato from Piemonte to the spicily purple Salice Salentino from the southernmost region of Puglia.

It is the world’s largest wine producer, and its population consumes more wine per person than any other nation.

The most apparent thing to do is to focus your search either around a region of the country you would like to live in or around an area whose wine you enjoy because it is entirely viable to own your own vineyard. Finding a vineyard making wine you like in a location you and your family would be glad to live in is excellent because it combines the two.

Small vineyards are available for purchase all across the nation. When you possess a small vineyard (with a hectare or more of grapes), it often produces enough for your own needs and maybe the ideal place to start if you are a beginner.

If therefore you are ready to start this business in Italy, our English-speaking Lawyers can support you in scanning the best opportunities available on the market and in facing all the related legal aspects.

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