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OS Law – Expertise in Wine Law

Situated in a region renowned for its prestigious wine producers, such as Franciacorta and Lake Garda, the lawyers at OS Law Brescia have developed a robust expertise in wine law.

This expertise encompasses national regulations, European Community legislation, and international treaties pertinent to the wine sector.

Our team has extensively explored all major legal facets of wine law, from vineyard regulations and technical defense mechanisms for wine operators to specific issues related to geographical indications and labeling.

Comprehensive Legal Support for Wine Businesses

We offer comprehensive support to companies, assisting in the protection of products abroad and devising effective strategies to safeguard labels, brands, designations of origin (DOCG – DOC), and typical geographical indications (IGT). Our legal services include:

– Regulatory Compliance: Advising on national and European regulations, including the primary EU Regulation No. 1308/2013 and Italy’s Law No. 238/2016 (Unified Text on Vine and Wine).

– Vineyard Management: Guidance on planting and replanting, ensuring compliance with authorization requirements and restrictions on grape varieties.

– Enological Practices: Assistance with the legally permitted practices for wine production and preservation, including enrichment, acidification, and sweetening.

– Labeling: Ensuring compliance with mandatory labeling requirements, including designation, origin, producer details, allergens, and vintage for DOC and DOCG wines.

Contract Drafting and Review

Our lawyers are proficient in drafting and reviewing all types of contracts specific to the wine industry. We provide specialized services for:

– Supply Contracts: Structuring agreements that govern supply relationships.

– E-commerce Contracts: Developing contracts tailored for online sales of wine products.

Buying an Italian Vineyard

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Owning a vineyard in Italy is a dream for many wine enthusiasts.

With diverse terrains and climates, Italy produces a wide array of wines, from the sweet, sparkling Moscato of Piemonte to the robust, spicy Salice Salentino of Puglia.

As the world’s largest wine producer, Italy offers numerous opportunities for those looking to own a vineyard.

When considering purchasing a vineyard, it is essential to focus on a region whose wine you enjoy and where you would be happy to live.

Small vineyards, often starting with a hectare or more, can be perfect for beginners, providing enough production for personal use.

Our Services for Vineyard Purchase

If you are ready to embark on this venture, our English-speaking lawyers are here to support you in:

– Market Analysis: Identifying the best opportunities available on the market.

– Legal Guidance: Addressing all related legal aspects, from purchase agreements to regulatory compliance.

Our team at OS Law Brescia is dedicated to providing expert legal assistance to wine businesses and enthusiasts, ensuring your ventures in the wine industry are legally sound and successful.

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