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From Italy we closely collaborate with a network of top-tier local and international law firms, banks, authorities, financial advisors and other counterparties to provide you with the best services

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It is becoming easier and easier to do business in Dubai: Choose A Better Life

The UAE has repeatedly demonstrated its resiliency in the face of national and international difficulties. Additionally, it has demonstrated that it can continue on its current course or even expand at periods when the world economy faces crises like the ongoing COVID19 pandemic.

Invest in your future

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a place that promotes wealth and personal and professional growth in the modern world. You will regularly encounter various opportunities, and we will be there to support you through them.

We Thrive with Your Success

Setting up your business in a new environment can be intimidating. With us you will have a clear roadmap of the step by step process and we will make sure you can start and scale free of headache in one of the world’s most business friendly environments. Low Corporate Tax, No Personal Taxes, 100% Corporate Ownership and many more benefits.

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Why you should choose OS Law to start your business in the UAE?

Perfect execution and customer service, in a nutshell.

We are a one-stop shop that puts the needs of the customer first, serving all sizes of people, families, and enterprises.

We offer all the resources, advice, and information you would require to start a new life or business in the UAE, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable transfer.

Making your life simple is our goal; everything we do is geared toward assisting you in selecting the best options for establishing your life in the UAE.

We want to be your go-to person in the UAE. We are a one-stop shop that continuously provides our clients with excellent service and value. We want you to depend on us for all of your requirements, whether they are personal or professional.

Our guiding principles: We view our clients as family members and business partners. We create communities and use them to support and enhance client experiences.

We operate with utmost professionalism and secrecy. IN OUR CARE, YOU ARE SAFE.

Furthermore, the Lawyers Marco Odracci, Davide Bertolini e Andrej Suknev are official representatives of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE (IICUAE).

Personal Services

What we do best is understand our clients and execute their vision seamlessly:

✓ Administrative support for yourself and your family;
✓ Guidance for education through school advisory, university orientation, registration;
✓ Work guidance ;
✓ Housing guidance through neighborhood selection, advisory on renting or acquiring a home, mortgage negotiation, lease and utilities management;
✓ Bank account opening and management;
✓ Payment management;
✓ Drafting and assistance with estate planning and will to protect your assets but also your descendents (Custody / Guardianship);
✓ Second residency / passport.

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Business Services

We provide you with everything you will need to start a new page and operate a fully functional business in the UAE:

✓ Guiding you through the legal forms and structures in best jurisdictions to conduct your business activities in or from the UAE;
✓ Drafting Business Plans and other mandatory corporate documents to establish your business in the UAE;
✓ Incorporating or acquiring legal entities in the UAE to conduct a determined activity;
✓ Providing representatives to direct or manage your business from the UAE;
✓ Drafting trusteeship agreements, foundations and other legal forms to manage your successions successfully;
✓ Providing a point of contact for all legal, commercial and administrative matters;
✓ Ensuring compliance with the UAE regulations, AML / CTF / KYC, ESR ettc;
✓ Opening and operating a corporate bank account;
✓ Basic office requirements;
✓ Bookkeeping, Accounting, Auditing and VAT Registration and quarterly reporting and ensuring compliance with Authorities and Ministry of Finance regulations;
✓ Market entry strategy consultancy;
✓ Technical RFPs drafting and / or assistance in responding to RFPs from potential clients and partners;
✓ Introduction to partners, suppliers, potential clients, and other stakeholders in given markets and geographies and local lobbying;
✓ Sales pipeline development.

We are official representatives of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE (IICUAE)

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